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Volunteer Schedule for November 20, 2016

Volunteers for Sunday Nov 20:

Nursery- Vanessa & Missy Mannon

Toddlers- Lindsey Begley & Nancy

Gracekids-Chris Shaw and Brandy Borowski-Waybright

Club 57 Lesley Martin Ridenour Matthew Wright

Shift- Dakota Kelly Bekah Guyer

Greeters- 9am Carolyn Moore 11am Jane Armstrong

Ushers- 9am JJ and Anthony Smith 11am, JJ ^ Ricky Akers

Counters- Jerry Knight & Kim Lytsell-Higginbotham

Camera- Brett Mannon

Security- John Gillenwater Vincent J Posthauer Shawn Posthauer

Praise & Worship- Makayla Briggs See planning center

Sound- Hank Thomas

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