Ministering to and before the Lord in song. We worship in love and adoration for our King. We praise Him, giving thanks for ALL He has done. Our worship creates an atmosphere for the Manifestation of His Spirit and signs and wonders follow!


We teach for transformation. We are a teaching church and endeavor to educate believers not indoctrinate them. Indoctrination is when you know what someone else believes but may not know why they believe it, yet you accept it as your beliefs. Being educated allows you to form your own believes and know what and why you believe what you believe. We provide information and ask Holy spirit to give revelation. This promotes transformation.


We serve one another within the local church through the gifts Holy Spirit has given to each of us for the profit of all. This confirms who Jesus is in us. We also serve others outside of the local church expanding His kingdom; helping the hurting, giving hope to the hopeless, feeding the hungry, clothing the poor and loving everyone!

We enjoy fellowship with one another through sharing meals together and having fun together in various events. We like to have fun.



We share the Good News about what Jesus has already done for us.

It is the gospel of Grace- it’s all ABOUT JESUS!
It is the gospel of Freedom- what Christ has set us free from and set us free to.
It is the gospel of love- For God so loved the world……we ought to love one another.
It is the gospel of the Kingdom- the kingdom of God is in operation NOW in the earth.

The Gospel